Random Facts

Who doesn’t like to read/hear a random, perhaps strange/weird, fact?

Reading some of these I thought damn we humans have really had some odd ideas/perceptions, mistakes, you name it, through the years.

Is it in fact strange? Or is there no such thing. Is “normal” simply based on ones own perception? Read on, what do you think?

  1. Forks, that’s right one of the utensils you use to eat with, used to be seen as Sacrilegious. Why? Because they were seen as “artificial hands “. 🍴(I personally prefer a spork).
  2. Roman Catholics in Bavaria founded a secret society in 1740 called the Order of the Pug. New members had to wear dog collars and scratch the door to get in. (Earliest Furries perhaps)?
  3. The town of Salem, New Jersey once held a trial against tomatoes in 1820 because of the widespread belief they were poisonous. The case ended after a Colonel ate a basket without ill consequences. 🍅🍅 (Can we have a trial again at M and Ms the evil candy)?
  4. Henry VIII of England had people who were called “Grooms of Stool” whose job it was to wipe his bottom. (I think it’s probably safe to say his staff did not follow #charmin slogan and “enjoy the go”).
  5. NASA accidentally erased the original tape of the first steps on the moon. What remains is a low quality copy. (I wonder if the eraser lost his job 🤔).

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